Recommendations & Quick Scans

ROA CN ensures that the MBO courses on the islands are a good match with the labor market. Our goal is to help graduates find suitable jobs and companies to have employees who possess the appropriate knowledge and competencies. We do this by conducting various types of research and by writing recommendations based on our findings.

Annual Recommendations

Every year in December, ROA CN writes an advisory report on the courses that have been requested by the schools. This report examines whether a course will fit in well on the island, for example by checking whether there are vacancies for the employees who complete this course. This process starts with an application from a BES-Island MBO institution. Based on this application, ROA CN then conducts research focusing on two main criteria; labor market relevance and functionality. In other words, is there is a connection between the application and the need on the labor market and would starting such a course be functional. In order to do so ROA CN enters into specific dialogue with partners in the labor market, vocational education institutions and other chain partners.

Resultaten Advies 2020 t/m 2023

Quick scans

In addition to these annual recommendations, ROA CN also produces Quick Scans. These are general evaluations that accurately describe the labor market. A Quick Scan paints a picture of a sector by highlighting the most important opportunities, bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Also, these Quick Scans offer an opportunity to form a broader picture of the sectors, independently of the annual advisory report.