Become a Training Company

Being a recognized company has benefits and offers opportunities for all parties involved. For example, your company may be involved in coaching mbo students during their internship or it may offer its own employees the opportunity to follow a course while working.

The additional benefits for a company are:

  • You come into contact with new talent
  • Interns can help bring a fresh perspective
  • You come into contact with the latest developments in education
  • You play an active role in bringing together practice and education
  • You demonstrate your involvement, expertise, competence and professionalism
  • Employees with ambition and/or talent can grow and develop within your company
  • You contribute to the professionalization of the sector
  • You contribute to society and the development of the island

The first step to become a recognized training company is to sign yourself or a colleague up via this link to follow ROA CN’s job trainer course.