Raad Onderwijs Arbeidsmarkt Caribisch Nederland
  • Bonaire Kaya Korona 3 T: 717 5450
  • St. Eustatius Oranjestad T: 319 4808
  • Saba St. Johns T: 319 4808

" Together, we make it work "

TMA Construction Assistant (Servicemedewerker gebouwen)


Island: Saba
CREBO: 92180
Dossier: Onderhoud- en verbouwbedrijf
MBO Level: 2

Core Tasks

Core Task 1,2,(6)
  • 1.1A Consult with the customer, make notes on specification and design
  • 1.1B Make a sketch and present this to the customer and make adjustments if needed
  • 1.1C Calculate and order material to complete the project
  • 1.1D Manufacture timber product, for example cabinet with doors or assemble a construction kit according to a blueprint
  • 1.1E Administer quality control on product, check for level and squares
  • 2.1 Prepare woodwork to receive for finishes, example varnish
  • 2.2 Organize work area
  • 2.3 Paint along the grain
  • 1.2 Install cabinet doors
  • 1.1F Install the cabinet onto the wall and hand over finished project to customer
Core Task 1,2,3,5,(6)
  • 3.1 Mix mortar to correct ratio lay blocks
  • 3.3A Create door and window opening on masonry wall
  • 3.3B Fill block pockets and finish the wall with rough plaster
  • 3.2A Screed the rough plaster and finish with smooth stucco
  • 3.2B Finish window frames and door jamb
  • 1.1 Finish doorframe and window
  • 1.2 Install doorframe and window
  • 5.2 Prepare wall for tiling
  • 5.3A Mix adhesive for wall tiles
  • 5.3B Place wall tiles
  • 2.2 Prepare wall for receiving painting
  • 2.3A Painting using appropriate applicator and paint
  • 2.3B Design of a mural or a mosaic on wall
Core Task 2.8,(6)
  • 8.2A Welding in different weld positions
  • 8.2B Tack welding according to welding standards
  • 8.2C Final welding according to welding standards
  • 8.2D Finishing weld joints
  • 2.2 Prepare metal for painting
  • 2.3 Minimum application
Core Task 7,(6)
  • 7.1A Service components engine
  • 7.1B Maintenance (of motor)
  • 7.5A Clean motor after use
  • 7.5B Prepare motor for storage
Core Task 4,8,(6)
  • 4.3A Drawing and drain cistern systems in building
  • 4.3B Locate leakage/blockage
  • 4.3C Fix Leakage
  • 8.5 Process of flow and drain pipes
Core Task 4,(6)
  • 4.6A Procedure of the servicing
  • 4.6B Servicing the air conditioner
Core Task 4,(6) - B
  • 4.4A Consult with customer, make notes on specification
  • 4.4B Installation Requirements of a household appliance
  • 4.4C Place and install device
  • 4.5A Administer quality control on product and prepare the device for use
  • 4.5B Hand over finished project to customer and explain how to use
Core Task 4,(6) - C
  • 4.9A Prepare the work in using the correct tools and material
  • 4.9B Following instructions and finish the job
Core Task 4,(6) - D
  • 4.8A Consult with the customer, make notes on specification
  • 4.8B Connect computer and components to an exciting functioning configuration
  • 4.8C Placing the configuration according of the wishes of the customer
  • 4.1A Pull data cables, if necessary: also electricity cables. Then hide Them in cable ducts.
  • 4.8D Control a functioning computer and components together with the customer, explain to the customer