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" Together, we make it work "

Workshop at Saba

  • June 16, 2022

Trainer Fernon came to Saba to facilitate a workshop for the job trainers on Saba. 5 people from different companies participated in the workshop: Saba Electric, SATEL, Child Focus and Saba Conservation. The group was enthusiastic and found the workshop very informative. The workshop was about how to motivate students. The participants also gave great feedback on how to improve the internship for the students and are interested in following a workshop about conflict management. ROA CN is going to develop a 4-hour workshop about this theme for job trainers on Saba. If you are a job trainer and you like to participate in this workshop please email: saba@roacn.com. ROA CN is aiming to execute the workshop at the end of the year, around November.